Dies & Laser Cutting Auckland

About Our Business

PDLC is considered by the industries we operate in, as the leading diemaking business in New Zealand, delivering unsurpassed quality, exceptional service, pioneering design and innovative solutions.

The Beginning

G.B Petty Diemakers Ltd started its operation in 1962 from a garage behind the family home in Mt Wellington. These humble beginnings began with predominantly manual machinery and a learning of the craft of diemaking and diecutting.

Over the last 50 years significant changes have taken place in the printing and packaging industry and as such diemaking has had to evolve. 

The Journey

Automation and Technology have played a critical role over our history and we have been the first die making company in New Zealand to purchase Laser Equipment, Milling and Plotting machinery and Automatic Benders. These decisions have enabled us to stay at the forefront of the industry and keep pace with the ever changing world of printing and packaging.

We constantly invest in R & D and consider ourselves as the pioneers of the industry. 

Today's Business

Simon and Jude Henty the current owners have a strong ethic around quality and service. With the expeirence of the team in house we continue to remain at the “cutting edge” of the industry. We are always reviewing new ideas and opportunities to provide solutions to the industries we service.

We know what we're doing!

Established in 1962.

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Our Technology

The pefect marriage of science and engineering has created the laser and simply we could not operate without the superior dimensional and positional accuracy we obtain from these machines.

Our biggest investments by far have been in this area and we have selected world leading European manufacturers with rofin technology for these critical pieces of equipment. They cut with incredible accuracy and precision to complete the job perfectly every time providing reliability and dependability for all our tooling solutions.

We have chosen another European designed multi functional milling system with high processing accuracy. This machine autonomously controls areas such as spindle pitch, topology compensation, channel width and tool length, achieving a continuous high quality cut with Pertinax or Steel.

We also have invested in a precision benchtop milling machine from Japan using Subtractive Rapid Prototyping (SRP) technology. Giving us the advantage of being able to mill a wide variety of materials producing molds and parts for prototype through to small lot production runs.

A Swiss company has established itself as the worlds leading manufacturer of high precision universal plotting and cutting systems. They have set unequalled standards for many years, as accurate, versatile and efficient output stations for CAD systems for plotting, scribing, milling and creasing.

The Easy Bender range has established itself as the most sought after and versatile automated bender in history with its patented bending mechanism with retractable bending fingers providing flexibility not available on other equipment producing rule with superior flatness and radius accuracy.

CAD system integration and custom file convertors enable flexible, laser manufacturing from customer-provided data. Although most file types are accepted, the preferred file types are DXF, DWG. EPS and AI.



We are one of New Zealand's leading partners to the Packaging industry. We work with all the major companies from corrugated board manufacturers through to small packaging suppliers. We provide the tooling for them to create their high quality designs in printed or plain, folding cartons or display stands, presentation boxes or Industrial boxes.


We work mainly with Screen printers, Print Finishers and the Self Adhesive Label Manufacturers to solve their many and varied requests. Quick and reliable turnaround times help them deliver to their often incredibly short deadlines on print jobs.


We offer a fast, reliable and accurate cutting service utilising either of our two Industrial lasers for our signage clients. Logos, Letters and all kinds of shapes make up the very different jobs that we find ourselves doing for the key signage experts throughout New Zealand.


We work with some of New Zealand's largest and more innovative medical and pharmaceutical suppliers. We pride ourselves on providing these often highly accurate and precision pieces of tooling for them to complete their prototypes, projects or equipment specifications.